AVG Clean Pro APK is a strong device boss and optimization tool to help users take back storage space, boost the performance with their device, and increase battery coverage. It also helps to optimize the camera and various documents in order to save more room and provide a better user experience.

The program uses advanced technology to scan the local safe-keeping of your mobile and distinguish junk files and pointless data. It can in that case clear them instantly without imparting the original data. This way, you will get more space to store media files and other applications on your cellphone.

In addition , avg cleaner expert apk can help to clear cache storage and unnecessary data to enhance your mobile phone devices’ rate. It also helps to take out unused software from your system and keep the phone structured. It can even help you find folders or photo that you have shed on your product.

Moreover, this program assists you improve the battery-life of your cellphone by final or hibernating apps that consume a whole lot of power and resources. In this way, it will make your phone run a lot quicker and broaden its battery life.

Avg Cleaning agent Pro APK is one of the greatest and most beneficial cleaning and optimizing applications for Android os devices. This kind of application is an efficient way to clear cache memory memory and other excess files out of your mobile equipment. It can also discover unused applications and delete them to improve the performance of anonymous the mobile unit. In addition , it can also protect your privacy by locking apps with PIN or pattern lock.